Hi! Nice to meet you!

What's my story? Well...

  1. I’m a little bit of sugar and a little bit of spice.
  2. I’m bubbly but blunt, I’m easygoing but present!
  3. You can catch me hanging out in high-tops during the day, or rocking sexy heels at night.
  4. It’s all about balance with me. I like to push the limits, but never forget where I come from.
  5. Dance is life! You can find me dancing at the club or behind the chair...If I’m feeling the jam, I’ll dance!
  6. I’m socially perceptive, and love people!
  7. Social interaction is my thing. I’m a listener, a friend, and love spreading good vibes.
  8. Big Salons can be intimidating, stuffy, and they lack the intimacy that’s key to beauty. Fashion doesn’t have to be stressful!

So come on in and hang, because I want to hear what YOU are all about.